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Applying for Dental School

Dental Interview Tips & Tricks

Interviews are a crucial part of getting into dental school. When it comes to the interview day, all the students will have similar academic achievements, so the interview is your time to differentiate from...

A Guide to the UKCAT

The UKCAT is an aptitude test and, as described, 'The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is committed to achieving greater fairness in selection to medicine and dentistry and to the widening participation in medical and dental...
Dental Interview Questions

Dental Interview Questions

When it comes to applying to dental school, after your personal statement, your dental interview is probably the next biggest thing. Amongst the wide variety of preparation that you must do for your interview,...
10 Ways to Build your CV at Undergraduate Level

The Desirable Dental Student – 10 Ways to Build your CV at Undergraduate...

As a dental student I never really knew what to do to build and improve my CV. I felt as though most things (such as research, conferences and shadowing) had to wait until I...
Getting into Dental School

Getting into Dental School: The Basics

This post is essentially a brief overview of the hurdles you will face on your way to getting into dental school. As you can imagine, applying for dental school is no easy matter and a lot is involved throughout the application - this post looks at some aspects of the process.

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