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Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry

Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry is a fantastic book and a definite must-buy, especially for those approaching major exams such as finals and vivas.

Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry

The book contains 66 problems covering a variety of specialities, with each scenario around 4 pages in length. The scenarios walk you through the scenario from initial presentation, to differential diagnoses, investigations and management. Each scenario is well written with clear questions and detailed answers to match. All images are of a high quality and include a range of clinical photographs, radiographs and even histological slides. The ability to properly learn how to describe clinical photographs is a crucial skill and this book helps break everything down for you!

The scenarios are all written by leaders in the field and so provide ‘model’ answers. This allows you to prepare well for any exams that you may have – vivas and finals. Some topics covered include:

  • Management of a heavily carious dentition
  • Trauma management
  • Medical emergencies
  • Bridge design

The scenarios often overlap with other disciplines leading to much more holistic thinking when answering questions – reminding you that dentistry isn’t just one speciality! Additionally, there are some scenarios not focussed on patients including management of radiography machines.

All answers are well structured and often provide lots of useful additional information, including expansive tables and further investigations. There is such a range of questions that nothing feels like it is being repeated and each scenario is a true test of knowledge. The scenarios cover virtually all dental disciplines including oral medicine, surgery, paediatrics, orthodontics and special care. This allows for this book to be an all-encompassing book providing a single revision resource.

The book is an excellent supplement to clinical experience and knowledge gathered through lectures and practice. It is impossible to find a flaw in such a well-written book and serious credit must go to the author as well as contributors. It is well worth the price (and BDA members get a further discount) and a book that can last you far into your clinical career. There is so much knowledge to be gained from such a logical and well-structured book.

In my opinion, it’s a definite purchase for any dental professional!

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