MCQs in Dentistry
Scenario: Radiography Audit - DF/DCT Scenario

Scenario: Radiography Audit

Your supervisor is concerned that you are producing too many Grade 3 radiographs. He suggests that you consider auditing radiograph quality in the practice. Consider this situation and answer the questions provided. Take a few...
DF/DCT Scenario: A Drunk Colleague

Scenario: A Drunk Colleague

You reach work at 8am and meet one of the other dentists. There is a strong smell of alcohol coming from them and they appear to stumble a little. How would you handle this...
DF/DCT Scenario: Fractured Instrument

Scenario: Fractured Instrument

You recently completed a root canal treatment on a patient. They have returned today with pain and swelling around the tooth. You take a periapical radiograph and realise there is a fractured instrument down...
DF/DCT Scenario: Incomplete Treatment

Scenario: Incomplete Treatment

A patient attends complaining of pain from an upper right tooth. On reading his records, you note that he has a carious UR7 which was due for treatment by your colleague. For some reason,...
DF/DCT Scenario: Unnecessary Pain

Scenario: Unnecessary Pain

You are about to extract the upper right first molar on a patient. You apply the forceps and begin to mobilise the tooth. Suddenly, the patient screams in pain and forces your hand away....

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