Write For Us

dentalnotebook is actively seeking new content - read below for more details of how you can get involved creating amazing content for your peers!

Write For Us

dentalnotebook is constantly looking for new content to help its readers. Unfortunately, we can’t create content as quick as the demand and so we heavily rely on the dental community out there – students and qualified professionals alike!

We need you to get involved and help us create amazing content!

What can I write?

There are 2 main areas you can contribute to – notes and quizzes!

Submitting Notes

Notes can be on anything including core dental content and topics, or just experiences and developments in dentistry that you would like to share with others.

There aren’t many guidelines to follow for these. Please ensure:

  • Content is clear and accurate
  • Content is laid out with a basic structure – including a summary/conclusion if possible
  • Ensure the content isn’t already published!
  • Reference any images or additional content as required

Submit Notes

Submitting Quizzes

Quizzes are helpful for testing your knowledge once swatting up! They’re pretty simple to create and a nice little addition to your CV! We are happy to accept a wide range of question formats, so get creative! Even if it’s just a single question then feel free to submit it!

For quiz questions, please ensure:

  • The question format is clear – MCQ, single best answer, short-answer
  • Questions and answers are clear – the correct answer is clearly indicated
  • Information is current
  • Any explanations for answers are provided
  • The quiz/questions haven’t already been covered

Submit Quizzes

When will I get published?

After submitting notes or quizzes, they will be reviewed within a week and uploaded if appropriate. If there are any amendments, then we will get in touch with you so that we can make sure it gets published!

Why should I submit content?

We know it takes time to put content together and we are grateful for anything you may send. You may wonder what you can get out of it:

  • We can provide you with a certificate to recognise that you have contributed to a thriving community – you can stick this in your portfolio!
  • The great feeling of helping the thriving dental community and passing on your knowledge to others – after all, we learn from each other and your content will help thousands of other dentists and dental students!

So go on – send us some content! đŸ˜€