Welcome to dentalnotebook!

Welcome to the place to find resources to get you through your dental degree! Here’s a little information about the website:

What is ‘dentalnotebook’ and what are the aims?

‘dentalnotebook’ is a website that I decided to set up to allow other dental students access to simple and easy to read notes. I’m Prateek and I am a fully qualified dentist, qualifying from The University of Sheffield. The aim is to provide notes for a variety of areas of dentistry and other information linking to dentistry as a career. Hopefully, the notes provided will be of a standard such that they are a good learning resource as well as being digestible and easy to understand. For each notes page, there will generally be aims/summaries as well to make any reading even easier! There are also quizzes to help test the knowledge you have learnt!

Of course, I am by no means limiting ‘dentalnotebook’ to JUST notes. There are also sections on reviews of textbooks as well as general aspects of dental life.

I actively encourage all of you to get involved too so, check out the Write For Us page!

Disclaimer –

Any information added here is correct according to the publishing date. Although dentalnotebook aims to provide you with notes, I do not advise you to leave any university/course notes that you may have been provided!


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