Useful Websites for Dental Students and Dentists

Below are a list of useful websites for both dental students as well as dentists


Here’s a list of websites you should find useful during your course!

British Dental Association (BDA)Huge number of resources including the student area (BDSA). There are books, advice and general information.
General Dental CouncilRegulatory body for dentists in the UK but useful for dental students and patients too!
Delivering Better Oral HealthThese are essential guidelines to learn! Mainly about prevention but easy to read and digest!
theyoungdentistPlenty of tips and resources for dental students
DentistryKeep up-to-date with all the latest dental news!
Leeds Tooth MorphologyA very useful tool to help with learning your tooth morphology, created by Leeds Dental School

If there are any websites that you think should be added, then don’t hesitate to contact us!