Tooth Morphology - Quick Reference Guide

Tooth Morphology – A Quick Reference Guide

This simple dental app is primarily targeted towards dental students in their early years of training, however it is easy for anyone and everyone to use. The app behaves as a quick, brief and easy resource for basic and crucial information regarding tooth morphology.

This information may be found in a book, however the aim of this app is to provide information far quicker, being right at your finger-tips. This app is NOT aiming to substitute comprehensive learning, but rather to supplement it.

Tooth Morphology - Your Quick Reference Guide


The app features a completely touch-friendly interface and also high-quality images to demonstrate ideal morphology of the teeth. 3 key areas are targeted: tooth development, morphology and distinguishing features. The design is clean and easy to navigate. Images can easily be accessed and upon swiping or tapping, they can be enlarged and viewed in greater detail upon rotating your phone.

Additionally there is further information located in a convenient ‘Definitions’ page, allowing greater understanding for beginners.

Tooth MorphologyTooth Morphology

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Tooth Morphology - Your Quick Reference Guide

A simple dental app to learn about tooth morphology