Useful Apps for Dental Students and Dentists

Below are a range of useful apps for dental students and dentists

Apps for Dentists/Dental Students

Tooth Morphology

There’s nothing like plugging your own app! However, on a serious note, this app is genuinely useful if you are in your early years at university. It has a simple interface, but sometimes simple is the best!

More details are here!

Download: iOS and Android (~69p)

NBDE 2 Dental Boards Mastery

This app has over 1,250 questions to help with revision for exams. It has an excellent range of topics and functions. You can track your performance and identify your weaker areas. There are options to upgrade the subscription for varying lengths.

Download: iOS and Android (Free for basic)

SDCEP Dental Prescribing

An exhaustive formulary to allow quick searching and prescribing. One of the best prescribing apps available, it is clear and simple to use for dental prescribing. It also contains information on medical emergencies and protocols to follow.

Download: iOS and Android (Free)

Dentistry ProConsult

Dentistry ProConsult provides quick and easy access to details on procedures for dental students. There are high quality videos as well as step-by-step instructions. You can also favourite procedures.

Download: iOS (Free)

BoneBox™ – Dental Lite

This is a pocket sized version of the full iPad version of this morphology app. It provides imaging created from CT scans to demonstrate anatomy of teeth. An excellent revision tool for dentists and dental students.

Download: iOS

Enhanced CPD Pro

An excellent CPD management app (which also includes website access). Create your PDP as well as manage your CPD all in one place. Plan, do, reflect and record so that all your CPD content is kept accurate and up-to-date. You can also track your core CPD and set deadlines and targets.

Download: iOS and Android (Free for basic)

Apps for Patients and Patient Education


FoodForTeeth is a diet diary and food database app, enabling patients to see the dental issues caused by certain foods. They can also record their diet (with pictures) and even email their diet diary directly to their dentist. Foods are listed using a simple traffic light system, based on evidence on their impact on caries and tooth surface loss.

Download: iOS (Free)


BrushDJ is an award-winning app aimed at patient education and improving oral hygiene regimes at home. It is the only dental app verified by the NHS. The app provides a fun toothbrush timer, allowing patients to choose their own music to time to.

Download: iOS and Android (Free)

My Dental-Care

My Dental-Care is a dentist-created app aimed at educating patients on a variety of dental issues. It provides advice to patients on protecting and preventing problems with their teeth. It contains excellent photos and videos to help educate patients. This app has been peer-reviewed and verified by multiple dental bodies, so the content is of a very high standard.

Download: iOS and Android (Free)