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  • Relevant questions
  • Thorough answers
  • Range of disciplines


  • Lack of images/radiographs
  • Spelling and publication errors
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Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry

The PasTest series of books are well known and are crucial when it comes to sitting dental exams, be it finals or MJDF/MFDS exams. This Third Edition has over 300 pages of MCQs covering a variety of dental topics to help you through an exam.

The has been expanded since its last publication and now has over 400 questions. There are several subject areas/disciplines covered in the book including:

  • General Dentistry
  • Oral Medicine
  • Oral Surgery
  • Dental Materials
  • Radiology and radiography
    MCQs for Dentistry

    MCQs for Dentistry

All chapters are well laid out with questions on one side of the page, and answers on the back. Through having separate chapters you’re able to focus your revision more effectively. The most impressive aspect of this series is the detail included in the answers provided. This not only addresses the question but helps provide further knowledge on the topic.

Personally, I have used this book multiple times and found it useful. All information is relevant and questions are very similar to what you would expect in an exam. With the latest edition, all the latest guidelines and research has been used to adjust and improve the questions. There are, however, some printing errors and spelling mistakes in multiple places. This has been something noted in previous editions as well – a bit more proofreading may be necessary!

One aspect all MCQ/question books tend to fall short on are questions based on images. There is a potential printing problem associated with this and MCQs for Dentistry have tried a few of these questions. However, the quality of these is not brilliant. The main area I would focus on is good quality printed radiographs to practice with. These are common exam and OSCE questions which could easily be addressed.

When looking at the price, this book is value for money (at around £22) relative to other similar books available. Given the quantity of content covered and the quality of answers provided, I feel it is definitely worth what you pay for it. The series also features multiple other books including SAQs, EMQs and Best of Fives.

MCQs for Dentistry is an extremely useful book. It covers a range of topics that are relevant and crucial for any exam preparation. It is a book I would highly recommend for anyone sitting exams in the near future.


About the author

Prateek Biyani

BDS (Hons.) MFDS RCPS (Glasg.)
Currently working as a Dental Core Trainee in OMFS

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